Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Newborn photo session of baby Max and his big brother Theo

Typically, newborn sessions are scheduled prior to delivery, allowing enough time for planning and paperwork. However, occasionally, parents request a photo session after the baby is born, as was the case with baby Max. Fortunately, I had a spot available for this sweet adorable little boy who turned out to be a dream to work with!

Even without much time to plan, we used some decidedly charming poses during Max’s newborn session.

Froggy Composite

Sitting sleeping baby with a crown

This Froggy pose is a composite photograph (read more about composite messages here), created using 2 images. Baby Max was held by a spotter the entire time.

The Perfect Bench

I used a curved white bench to accentuate the birth announcement on a square blackboard, which Mom wanted to include.
As a safety precaution, the baby is never left unattended during newborn photo sessions. Baby’s safety is my first priority, and I ensure that the baby has a spotter the entire time. Typically, it is my fabulous assistant Jen; in rare cases when Jen is not available, I ask parents to assist.

Sleeping baby on top of a blue blanket on a curved white bench with a square blackboard sign in front

Sibling Poses.

Blissful sibling images require lots of patience and spotters. Whenever working with siblings, I keep a newborn baby wrapped at all times to keep the little hands and feet safe. Even though Max’s big brother Theo was very gentle, we still exercise extra caution during sibling shots.
Swaddled sleeping baby next to toddler.Swaddled sleeping baby on a doll bed next to toddler

Bean Bag Shots.

After the sibling shots, Theo and his dad left the studio, and we wrapped the session up with a few bean bag shots. For these, the baby is positioned on a bean bag which creates a comfortable environment for the baby and a beautiful soft background for the photo.
For most newborn shots I cover the bean bag with stretched fabric or flokati, a handmade shag wool rug. Parents typically choose the colors based on their home decor or nursery colors.

Hands-on-Chin Pose:

Sleeping baby with chin on folded hands wearing a knitted hat on a brown background

Taco pose:

Sleeping baby with a brown backgroundSleeping baby on a white background in a taco pose

Bum-up pose:

Sleeping baby on a brown background

Sleeping baby wearing a knitted hat with ears

I am so happy I was able to accommodate a short notice request and create some magic together with baby Max and his brother Theo.

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