Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Newborn session | Baby Felicity| Newborn photography MA

Baby Felicity came to her newborn session with her Mom and Dad, and her big Brother Mason.
As usual, we began with Family and Siblings Portraits.

Felicity slept like an angel during the whole session. Her two-year old brother Mason, on the other hand, was very curious and actively explored the studio. We eventually managed to direct his attention to a tennis ball he could play with next to his sister while I snapped a few photos.

Sometimes babies sleep like a dream, and with this easy going baby anything was possible. I can’t remember her being upset or fussy at all!

Mom was interested in classic bean bags shots and a composite image on a swing. For these basic Bean Bag Photos, I used two color schemes: white and dusty pink

To accomplish the Composite Image, I photographed Felicity on a curved bench and moved her to the swing during post-processing.
Curved bench shot for a composite:

Final result:

I always do Prop Shots at the end of a session. For these images, Mom picked out a couple of baskets and layers of felt, which helped create beautifully artistic imagery. Doesn’t Felicity look magical, as if wrapped in a flower petal?

Thank you, Baby Felicity and her Family, for the beautiful and peaceful photo session!

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Saturday, June 30, 2018

Maternity session Kate and Jonathan | Maternity and newborn photography |

 Blonde pregnant woman in a white skirt and top

I first met Kate when she stopped by the studio in March to chat about maternity and newborn sessions. I love working with mothers-to-be and later meeting their little ones at the studio, and was thrilled to help Kate and her partner Jon record these precious moments in their life.

For the maternity session, Kate chose a pink maternity gown by Ana Brandt, a white top with a fluffy white skirt, and a grey fluffy skirt. We used a baby tiara for several of the belly shots.

A blonde pregnant woman in a pink dressA man kneeling with his head on a pregnant woman’s belly

The session was simply a dream, the soon-to-be parents were so easy going and relaxed. During the session, we also discovered that Jonathan and I were Westford neighbors years ago! We came away with a lot of beautiful solo images of Kate and several couple poses.

Male and female hands holding a baby tiara in front of a pregnant belly

I love the final results - Kate is just gorgeous! I simply cannot wait to meet her little girl soon for the newborn session.

Pregnant mama and her partner

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Sunday, June 24, 2018

Massachusetts Newborn Photographer|Newborn Photo Session|Baby Danica

A new baby changes the dynamic of the family as parents and siblings adjust to the new family member and the new routine, each in their own way. I love photographing families during this time of adjustment and capturing moments of interactions between siblings. Occasionally, these interactions give us a glimpse into the baby’s budding personality and the siblings’ love for each other.

Baby Danica visited my studio with her 2 older siblings: big brother Dimitri (4.5) and big sister Selena (2.5). As they entered the studio, it was clear that Dimitri and Selena deeply cared about their little sister and were very attentive to her needs.

We began by choosing colors, props and outfits for Danica as well as a dress for Selena from my studio wardrobe.

I typically start with sibling images to allow the older brothers and sisters some free time during the baby’s solo part of the session. During this part, Danica was simply full of smiles; she especially loved being hugged and kissed. Even asleep, this little girl was so expressive, you could practically see her personality shining through.

Dimitri, who took the initiative to shake my hand and introduce himself at the very beginning, was taking his sister’s well being seriously, asking questions like ”Why are you swaddling her?” “When will this be done?” Why are you holding her like this?”. Although it turns out, even protective big brothers can giggle - he loved tickles!

During every newborn session, I use a white noise machine (The Baby Shoosher) to keep the babies calm and sleepy. Danica’s big sister Selena was very curious about the device. Once I explained it to her, she put her finger to her lips just so every time it was on. Such a precious moment to capture on camera.

Sleeping baby girl in pink blanket with brother and sister next to her

After the sibling poses we took some family images and Danica’s solo images on a beanbag….
Sleeping baby girl on pink background

….and with some props and flowersSleeping baby in a bucket with flowers.

I love working with families. Thank you, Danica, Selena, Dimitri and their parents for sharing your family’s precious moments with me.

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Saturday, June 9, 2018

The Happy Baby Plan

Baby Sessions

We are thrilled to announce our new photo package - The Happy Baby Plan! 

What is The Happy Baby Plan?
The Happy Baby Plan helps you capture your baby’s milestones over the first 2 years of life and preserve those special memories for years to come. The package includes two 1-hour Milestone Sessions and one complimentary Family Session in our comfortable studio:

Session 1: As your baby learns to sit up, often around seven months.

Session 2: As your toddler starts standing comfortably, often around one year.

Session 3: A complimentary family session during your child’s second year.

We also include a personalized year-end gift, a Fine Art First Year Album (a $550 value)!

Can I get prints and digital copies?

Absolutely! You can purchase prints, products and digital files from each session with a “Create a Collection” package or “A La Carte” digital files package. Pricing for each can be found here: http://www.polina.pictures/pricing_pkp.pdf

How much does it cost?

The Happy Baby Plan is $400 if purchased separately and $350 if purchased with the Newborn Package.  Prints and digitals are sold separately.

To reserve your baby’s milestone sessions with The Happy Baby Plan, contact us today!

Sunday, June 3, 2018

Why I love and treasure newborn photography.

I love babies. They are irresistibly cute and quite messy. They command full control of your life yet are helpless and fragile. They are our tomorrow. Their smiles make the toughest of us melt inside. They also change every day, and our memories fade each year.

I am a mom of three. My kids were growing up in the time of smartphones and digital cameras and I diligently took tons of pictures and lived my life happily. But at some point, we needed to replace home computer, and I went through old files and pictures. That night I realized that even though I had all those pictures, I didn’t really have them -- they were hiding in an old computer and I only discovered them by chance. Many of these pictures I had shared via email and on Facebook, which turned out to be even less discoverable than old folders. I suddenly was acutely aware that I wanted to see my kids all the time, reminding me of last summer, first day of school, first steps they took.

This realization set me on a mission: bring those memories into my house first, and than help other parents remember the warmth they once felt, make them smile every time when they glance at a familiar picture.

As all artists, I strive to make the world a little better. I feel humbled and honored to have parents’ trust and permission to create something that will stay with them for years and years to come, something that will decorate their homes, that will touch their hearts every time they see it.

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Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Newborn photo session of baby Max and his big brother Theo

Typically, newborn sessions are scheduled prior to delivery, allowing enough time for planning and paperwork. However, occasionally, parents request a photo session after the baby is born, as was the case with baby Max. Fortunately, I had a spot available for this sweet adorable little boy who turned out to be a dream to work with!

Even without much time to plan, we used some decidedly charming poses during Max’s newborn session.

Froggy Composite

Sitting sleeping baby with a crown

This Froggy pose is a composite photograph (read more about composite messages here), created using 2 images. Baby Max was held by a spotter the entire time.

The Perfect Bench

I used a curved white bench to accentuate the birth announcement on a square blackboard, which Mom wanted to include.
As a safety precaution, the baby is never left unattended during newborn photo sessions. Baby’s safety is my first priority, and I ensure that the baby has a spotter the entire time. Typically, it is my fabulous assistant Jen; in rare cases when Jen is not available, I ask parents to assist.

Sleeping baby on top of a blue blanket on a curved white bench with a square blackboard sign in front

Sibling Poses.

Blissful sibling images require lots of patience and spotters. Whenever working with siblings, I keep a newborn baby wrapped at all times to keep the little hands and feet safe. Even though Max’s big brother Theo was very gentle, we still exercise extra caution during sibling shots.
Swaddled sleeping baby next to toddler.Swaddled sleeping baby on a doll bed next to toddler

Bean Bag Shots.

After the sibling shots, Theo and his dad left the studio, and we wrapped the session up with a few bean bag shots. For these, the baby is positioned on a bean bag which creates a comfortable environment for the baby and a beautiful soft background for the photo.
For most newborn shots I cover the bean bag with stretched fabric or flokati, a handmade shag wool rug. Parents typically choose the colors based on their home decor or nursery colors.

Hands-on-Chin Pose:

Sleeping baby with chin on folded hands wearing a knitted hat on a brown background

Taco pose:

Sleeping baby with a brown backgroundSleeping baby on a white background in a taco pose

Bum-up pose:

Sleeping baby on a brown background

Sleeping baby wearing a knitted hat with ears

I am so happy I was able to accommodate a short notice request and create some magic together with baby Max and his brother Theo.

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