Monday, July 10, 2017

Newborn Photography Session. Baby Ruby from Chelmsford MA

Baby Ruby was well prepared for her newborn session and rocked it! She was fully fed right before leaving the house and came to the studio really really sleepy :)

We briefly discussed the outfits and colors with her mom and grandma, I turned on my baby shusher, undressed Ruby and started posing right away. We had a pacifier handy but barely used it as Ruby didn't mind me moving her from pose to pose since she wasn't hungry or gassy at all!

Pro tip: it is really helpful to feed the baby before you leave the house, as well as arrive in loose clothing so we can undress the baby without waking her up.

cell phone picture

Newborns usually make me work to pose them in a basket but this session was a breeze.

      cell phone picture


Some finished images from Ruby's newborn session:

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Privacy: the basics

When you book a photo session, you will be asked to sign a contract. The contract defines the timeline (when you are being photographed, when your gallery should be delivered, by when you will have to select your favorites, etc). It also defines the ownership model for the photographs. As a rule, the photographer retains the copyright (rights to use the photographs whichever way they fancy), which ranges from low-volume promotional materials to high-volume wholesale.

An example of low-volume promotional materials is using a photograph in the portfolio. Portfolios are viewed by a smaller audience, have very few photographs (usually, less than 30) in them, and photographers constantly update their portfolios. Result is such that only a few people will see it, hence "low-volume". An example of high-volume use is selling a picture on Adobe Stock Photos. Potentially, completely unrelated 3rd party, say a postcard manufacturer, could buy the right and put the photograph in every supermarket of every town in your country. Some people like it, others are less comfortable with such scenario.

As with any other commercial activity, always seek to obtain a photo session contract, and read it somewhat carefully. Make note of every question you have.

Remember that family photographers genuinely love people---they will work with you to make you be comfortable. Even if you did find something in the contract that gives you a pause: reach out and ask the photographer about their stance on the issue, explain your uneasiness. Your photographer can always modify the contract to address your particular concern.

Professional photo sessions create memories you will enjoy for years to come---they will help you decorate your workplace and living room. They are fun and designed to enrich your life, not make it more complicated. So, glance over the contract, discuss if you have questions, and:

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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Newborn skin editing

Newborn skin can be very tricky and requires a lot of post-processing work and patience. Every photographer has their own vision but I prefer to remove all temporary blemishes, flakes and acne... well as uneven color (redness, purpleness or yellowness). I prefer to not distract parents and want to help them remembering just how tiny and cute their baby was at the first couple weeks of his/her life.

I strive for natural, not over-smoothed "runway" look. Baby skin should feel natural, and a little color variation should be preserved. For instance, I love to see some pink on those tiny feet and toes and would never edit it. It is my personal preference, however, and others may or may not feel different.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Westford MA pregnancy photo-sessions

My client's 3-year old loves her maternity album. He points at her baby bump and says: "Look, look, that's me! That's me in my mommy's belly" :)

Maternity sessions are always fun! I usually suggest scheduling pregnancy shoots when mom is at 32-36 weeks. At this point, she already has beautiful curves but is not yet exhausted and able to pose for an hour with a few changing brakes.

 We keep the studio rather cool, and oftentimes use a large fan to show some fabric or hair movement.

 I am providing maternity gowns for the shoot: all of them are from maternity boutiques, custom-made specifically for maternity photo sessions. Sometimes, we get up to 4 gown changes per session :). Outdoor shoots are also available [per special request], and I would really appreciate having 4-5 weeks notice.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Trusted vendors for newborn outfits and props

Trusted vendors. Props and outfits for newborn photography sessions. Newborn Massachusetts Polina Kuklina Photography

Newborn sessions are rather elaborate and usually last about 3 hours. As a rule, I provide all the props and outfits. Parents are welcome to bring few specific items (say, grandma's hand-knitted hat), but the majority of outfits and layers will still be provided by me. On the other hand, the babies are just a few days old and as a parent, you do not want to unknowingly expose your new baby to harmful chemicals and bacteria. I do everything possible to keep my studio clean and also use perfume-free and dye-free detergent for the laundry after each session.

I purchase my props only from trusted high-end newborn boutique vendors like Ababa Baby Props. They use new materials and non-toxic dyes. This concerns pretty much everything: felted layers, fluff, flokati rugs, headbands, and outfits. If you have any questions, I will be excited to chat with you about my favorite vendors!