Thursday, June 1, 2017

Westford MA pregnancy photo-sessions

My client's 3-year old loves her maternity album. He points at her baby bump and says: "Look, look, that's me! That's me in my mommy's belly" :)

Maternity sessions are always fun! I usually suggest scheduling pregnancy shoots when mom is at 32-36 weeks. At this point, she already has beautiful curves but is not yet exhausted and able to pose for an hour with a few changing brakes.

 We keep the studio rather cool, and oftentimes use a large fan to show some fabric or hair movement.

 I am providing maternity gowns for the shoot: all of them are from maternity boutiques, custom-made specifically for maternity photo sessions. Sometimes, we get up to 4 gown changes per session :). Outdoor shoots are also available [per special request], and I would really appreciate having 4-5 weeks notice.

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