Sunday, June 24, 2018

Massachusetts Newborn Photographer|Newborn Photo Session|Baby Danica

A new baby changes the dynamic of the family as parents and siblings adjust to the new family member and the new routine, each in their own way. I love photographing families during this time of adjustment and capturing moments of interactions between siblings. Occasionally, these interactions give us a glimpse into the baby’s budding personality and the siblings’ love for each other.

Baby Danica visited my studio with her 2 older siblings: big brother Dimitri (4.5) and big sister Selena (2.5). As they entered the studio, it was clear that Dimitri and Selena deeply cared about their little sister and were very attentive to her needs.

We began by choosing colors, props and outfits for Danica as well as a dress for Selena from my studio wardrobe.

I typically start with sibling images to allow the older brothers and sisters some free time during the baby’s solo part of the session. During this part, Danica was simply full of smiles; she especially loved being hugged and kissed. Even asleep, this little girl was so expressive, you could practically see her personality shining through.

Dimitri, who took the initiative to shake my hand and introduce himself at the very beginning, was taking his sister’s well being seriously, asking questions like ”Why are you swaddling her?” “When will this be done?” Why are you holding her like this?”. Although it turns out, even protective big brothers can giggle - he loved tickles!

During every newborn session, I use a white noise machine (The Baby Shoosher) to keep the babies calm and sleepy. Danica’s big sister Selena was very curious about the device. Once I explained it to her, she put her finger to her lips just so every time it was on. Such a precious moment to capture on camera.

Sleeping baby girl in pink blanket with brother and sister next to her

After the sibling poses we took some family images and Danica’s solo images on a beanbag….
Sleeping baby girl on pink background

….and with some props and flowersSleeping baby in a bucket with flowers.

I love working with families. Thank you, Danica, Selena, Dimitri and their parents for sharing your family’s precious moments with me.

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  1. Attending the Newborn photo session was magical. The photographer's expertise and patience made it an unforgettable experience for us.