Sunday, June 3, 2018

Why I love and treasure newborn photography.

I love babies. They are irresistibly cute and quite messy. They command full control of your life yet are helpless and fragile. They are our tomorrow. Their smiles make the toughest of us melt inside. They also change every day, and our memories fade each year.

I am a mom of three. My kids were growing up in the time of smartphones and digital cameras and I diligently took tons of pictures and lived my life happily. But at some point, we needed to replace home computer, and I went through old files and pictures. That night I realized that even though I had all those pictures, I didn’t really have them -- they were hiding in an old computer and I only discovered them by chance. Many of these pictures I had shared via email and on Facebook, which turned out to be even less discoverable than old folders. I suddenly was acutely aware that I wanted to see my kids all the time, reminding me of last summer, first day of school, first steps they took.

This realization set me on a mission: bring those memories into my house first, and than help other parents remember the warmth they once felt, make them smile every time when they glance at a familiar picture.

As all artists, I strive to make the world a little better. I feel humbled and honored to have parents’ trust and permission to create something that will stay with them for years and years to come, something that will decorate their homes, that will touch their hearts every time they see it.

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