Sunday, April 15, 2018

A Newborn Photography Session with Baby Riley and Her Big Sister Ariana.

A few months ago I shared a photo of the 9-day old baby Ella, a composite image created using a digital background by Luisa Dunn

The original image is on the left, the composite is on the right.

Compositing is an old photographic technique of layering or blending two images into a single scene, often creating an illusion of a whimsical but technically impossible photograph. Composite photography goes back to the late 1800 and is widely used in newborn photography.

Some of my favorite backdrops come from Luisa Dunn, a well known newborn photographer and a fantastic artist. Incorporating her designs into my work allows me to keep my newborn models safe and comfortable while creating an enchanting scene.

Newborn photo of a baby in a purple diaper with a flower headband on top of a wooden bed with flowers

Shortly after my post about baby Ella, I received a Facebook inquiry from a mom expecting her second baby. The mom fell in love with the colors in the photo and requested a similar setup. After baby Riley was born we scheduled a newborn photo session for both of her girls.

At the time of the photo session, Riley was 6 days old. Her big sister Ariana took an active part in the photo session, helping out with “her baby” wherever she could and being an all around amazing big sister.

The girls’ mom loved the results and left a glowing review about their newborn session on my Facebook page.

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